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    At The Hampton Wick Dental Centre we are committed to providing our patients with the most
    advanced treatments through state of the art technology.

    We are proud to be able to offer advanced treatment using our top of the range CBCT (Cone Beam
    Computed Tomography) scanner, which produces accurate 3D images of the jawbone and surrounding

    We are proud to be one of the few practices in the locality to be offering this service.

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    A CBCT Scanner is capable of producing incredibly detailed images of the teeth and the surrounding
    structures using very low doses of radiation.

    Unlike traditional radiographs, CBCT Scanners can distinguish between different types of tissue and
    this enables the dentist to see structures in and around the mouth in greater detail.

    What are the benefits of a CBCT Scanner ?

    There is a range of benefits for both the dental professional and patients.

    For our dentists, these benefits include:

    • Incredibly accurate and detailed images, which are extremely beneficial during the detection
      and diagnosis of oral health problems and structural abnormalities
    • Scanned images can also aid in the planning of treatment
    • Dentists can more easily explain how treatment will work
    • CBCT Scanners also reduce the risk of mistakes, as they provide incredibly detailed images
      and allow dentists to assess the risk of a procedure or course of treatment

    Advantages of CBCT Scanning technology for our patients include:

    • The efficacy of treatment is increased and potential risks and mistakes are greatly reduced
    • This advanced form of technology can help to put the patient’s mind at ease, as images can be
      used to explain how a procedure is going to work
    • This allows the patient an improved understanding of the treatment and enables them to be
      better prepared
    • Nervous or anxious patients are able to be better informed about the workings of a particular
      oral health problem or dental treatment

    What are CBCT Scanners used for?

    CBCT Scanners are becoming increasingly important, as dentistry evolves and becomes more
    dependent on technology. At The Hampton Wick Dental Centre, our CBCT machine allows us to:

    • Plan the accurate placement of our dental implants safely
    • Diagnose and detect infections and tumours
    • Plan oral surgery procedures
    • Diagnosis and evaluate TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders
    • Treat complex endodontic cases
    • Treat complex orthodontic cases
    • Treat complex periodontal cases
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