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Discover the benefits of the Dentexcel Membership Plan

Online Booking

Patients may join our In house ‘Dentexcel Membership Plan’ to spread the costs. Please speak to your dentist or reception for further information.

We aim to make payment as straight forward as possible. Our normal policy is that patients are asked to pay for their treatment at their first visit or are asked to pay a proportion at each visit.

Please discuss fees with your dentist. Payment due on appointment.

Employees’ dental plan

Good news for employer and employee

Cheaper! Faster! Reducing management costs caused by employees’ dental appointments. Fast Dental services at our City, Harley Street and Acton offices.

Beauty treatments including, anti-wrinkle treatment, filler etc at City office.

Alternative treatments including Massage, Acupuncture, herbal remedies, homeopathy etc are available at city office as well.

Members enjoy the following benefits

  • Dental examination twice a year, including up to four small X-ray films
  • Basic fillings
  • Twice a year scaling and polish services with dentists
  • A check for signs of oral cancer every six month
  • Worldwide Dental Trauma Insurance and emergency calls
  • Up to 40% discount for further treatments

Benefits for employers

  • Very little HR administration cost
  • Reduce the time spent away from the workplace due to employees’ dental visits
  • Can be used as part of an incentive scheme

Benefits for employees

  • Clinics at City, Harley street and Acton
  • Evenings telephone service
  • Same day emergency booking service
  • All of our dentists have at least ten years of experience, most dentists are specialists

What you need to know

At least ten employees are required to operate the plan. Employee starts to enjoy all benefits when we receive the payment from the first day of the month. Employer could operate this plan through payroll deductions. Employer is required to give three months’ notice if the employee is removed from the program. Employer is required to provide a list of new joiners and leavers every month. Each employee must join the program at least one year.

Further information

Please email at city@dentexcel.co.uk or call 02077969393