dental-treatments-designed-for-seniorsRegular visits are still important to maintaining good dental health as we get older.
As well as checking for signs of serious conditions such as mouth cancer, advice can be given on preventing gum disease and decay and on effective cleaning methods which may change as the mouth changes.

Once teeth have been lost the gums continue to shrink so dentures will get loose and should be relined every 1 or 2 years.

See examples below.


You can often tell when people are wearing dentures because of the sunken appearance of the lips and profile. The denture teeth can often be up to 1cm away from their original position. We have various techniques to ensure that dentures look natural and aim to provide you with an excellent appearance and fit.

Dental implants and mini implants have revolutionised treatment for patients with missing teeth, The success of implants is not dependant on age and we have so far treated patients over 80 years old. If there is not enough natural bone to place implants we can carry out procedures to increase the quantity.

Dr Keith Cohen and his colleagues carry out implant, mini implant and denture treatment.