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    Occlusal Splints in Kingston, Surrey

    There is a good chance that someone you know is wearing a plastic appliance called an occlusal splint. We can provide you with splints to protect your teeth if you have a grinding or clenching habit. In addition, such splints may be fabricated to relieve pain in the jaw that may be the result of overworked muscles or dislocation of the joint. Occlusal splints come in many different designs and are prescribed by your dentist for different but very specific reasons.

    This is an appliance that may be fitted to either the upper or the lower teeth. The biting surface of a permissive splint is smooth and fairly flat. The teeth that contact against it when the jaw closes can slide freely against the flat surface so the muscles that move the jaw are able to direct jaw closure free of any deflective tooth inclines that can interfere with peaceful muscle activity.

    On occasions, such splints can relieve headaches, neck aches and shoulder pain.