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    Snoring appliances in Kingston, Surrey

    Snoring can disrupt your sleep and your partner’s sleep and have a direct impact on the quality of your working life and may cause higher stress levels.

    One of the reasons snoring occurs is when the soft tissue at the back of the throat vibrates while breathing. If this is an ongoing problem ask your dentist about an anti-snoring device. These can be custom-made to fit easily and comfortably in your mouth and are adjustable to fit your jaw position.

    The device is quite simple and works by positioning the jaw forward and moving the tongue along with it. In this new position the tongue does not have the tendency to fall back into the throat and so allows the air to move freely, thus reducing or eliminating the incidence of snoring.

    At The Hampton Wick Dental Centre, we can offer custom-made dental appliances which are specially designed to help you stop snoring. They are worn at night and work by preventing your lower jaw from dropping back while you are sleeping, which stops your airway from closing and hence stops the vibration of the soft tissues.