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    Custom made sports mouth guards in Kingston, Surrey

    Mouth guards are becoming an essential part of today’s sports kits. Their use is especially important for contact sports such as rugby, boxing and martial arts, and those involving moving objects such as hockey and cricket. They help protect your teeth from the impact of any force on them.

    Benefits of a Mouthguard

    • Precaution for athletes of all ages and abilities
    • Help protect against chipped or broken teeth, root and bone damage, and tooth loss
    • Protection against jaw fracture, cerebral hemorrhage and neck injuries
    • To avoid situations where the lower jaw jams into the upper jaw
    • Mouth guards help prevent cutting and bruising of the lips, tongue and cheeks

    Our dentists will be happy to make you a custom-made mouthguard, which will fit your mouth exactly and protect your teeth and gums properly. Custom made mouthguards can prevent damage to the jaw, neck and even the brain – helping to prevent the concussion and damage caused by a heavy blow.

    There are cheaper kits available. They involve heating the product in hot water and then putting it in your mouth until it sets. Unfortunately these mouthguards fit badly and are uncomfortable to wear. They can fall out or even cause choking. Also the material is at its thinnest where it is needed most. You may find that the club you belong to are only insured if you wear a professionally made mouthguard.