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    Same Day Implants is a technique that enables the placement of dental implants into the jaw bone, as well as the attachment of the teeth restorations to the implants themselves – all within a single dental appointment (within the same day).

    After determining the suitability of a patient for the same day implants technique, the actual placement of the implants can then be carried out in a minimally invasive procedure – without the need for a complicated bone graft. Same day implants provide missing teeth solutions, and a brand new smile – within just one appointment with the dentist.

    Benefits of Same Day Implants

    Brand New Smile within the Same Day

    As the name suggests, the same day implants treatment provides a brand new smile within the same day that the actual implants are attached to the jaw bone. There is no need to wait for a few months for the fixed teeth restorations to be attached, as the implants undergo a healing process.

    Less Invasive

    The same day implants are placed using a procedure that is less invasive, compared to traditional dental implant placement. The minimally invasive technique also eliminates the need for complicated bone grafting or nerve repositioning procedures.

    Lower Cost

    Lower costs are associated with the same day implants treatment – compared to a traditional dental implants placement – because of the less complicated procedure involved. The reduction in the number of dental appointments needed for this procedure also contributes to the cost effectiveness of the same day implants method.