Caroline Chen

“As a busy British expatriate living in Beijing, finding the absolute best medical & healthcare is imperative.Faced with the prospect of losing my upper front teeth after an accident and knowing that I already had serious periodontal gum treatment to do, I was delighted to be introduced in 2009, through another UK dentist, to Lama Brown.
I had already been searching for that special person who had not only great proven expertise but also the bedside manner which would make me comfortable and willing to fly half way round the world on numerous occasions.
To say that I have been delighted is putting it mildly. Lama and her team have felt “heaven sent” and I have been flying to London from Beijing and France just for these appointments throughout this time and will continue to do so.
Timetabling is key to my schedule and the whole practice team pull out the stops to do this.
My sincerest thanks to them all. My daughter is moving to London soon and will be soon another of Lama’s patients.”