Christine Berry

“Dr Brown gave me periodontal surgery to extend the life of a tooth which was close to dropping out. She answered all my questions beforehand and her team at the Hampton Wick Dental Centre took great care to make sure I was comfortable and pleasantly sedated for the work.
During the surgical work, Dr Brown reassuringly explained what she was doing and the time seemed to fly by. There was very little pain during and after the surgery.
I am glad to say I now have a well stabilised, ‘rescued’ tooth which should last me for many more years.
Lama Brown is a true professional. I have had many dentists in my life and I am so glad to have finally found one whom I trust totally – simply because she treats her patients with gentle care, respect and consideration. She also clearly loves her work and her enthusiasm for her job is quite infectious.
My teeth have never had such care and attention!”