Fred Schwab

“I have been a patient of the Hampton Wick Dental Centre for many years and appreciate the smooth transition from one trusted dentist, Hilton Traub, to another – Lama Brown. Since Lama took over the practice in 2008 I have needed significant dental work, all of which has been carried out to the highest standards.
Before commencing any of the work I had a clear understanding of the necessary treatments ahead, which included two root canals followed by crowns, an extraction, an implant and a bridge. The costs were also explained. The processes themselves and the follow-up care after appointments, including phone calls later in the day to check that everything was fine, were exemplary and I felt throughout that I was in extremely capable hands.
Nobody likes injections but my experience is that those given by Lama are about as painless as you could hope for – her steady hand inspires confidence. I feel fortunate to be served by such a good practice. The surgery is bright and welcoming and the expertise and care excellent.”