Karen Wilkinson

“Like a lot of folk, who aren’t particularly enamoured with metal implements being probed inside their mouths, I hadn’t visited the dentist for some time, 7 years to be exact, and would have quite happily carried on in ignorant bliss of any dentist. So, I was rather dismayed when part of a tooth broke off and I was forced to find a new one, fortunately my boss recommended hers at The Hampton Wick Dental Centre.

For someone with a nervous disposition around dentists I was grateful to find that they completely understood how I felt, they took their time and generally put me at my ease.
I have had several treatments with them and was able to do all the essential work I needed to restore my teeth to their former glory with one of their payment plans. Amongst these treatments, were a new and an old root canal, which are unpleasant at the best of times (I think they must have been drilling for oil when I was a kid). However, not only was I happy that the greek god Apos would be performing those treatments but that I was so relaxed, I could listen to my ipod whilst under sedation.
Post treatment I was shown x-rays of these teeth, they were works of art, if you can say that about dental treatment. A word of warning though, don’t do what I did whilst under sedation and make a slight snorting noise, its not an attractive noise to make in front of anyone, not least whilst in the company of Apos, the marvel of root canal treatments.”