Seyi Martins

“I had always been unhappy with my teeth. I had considered jaw surgery but decided against it in the end. The consultant, who advised me on the jaw surgery, suggested that Invisalign was an option that I should consider. My family have all had treatment at Hampton Wick Dental Centre and so it was the obvious place to go.
I had a consultation to see if Invisalign would work for me. A mould of my teeth was then sent off and when the results came back, I was very happy to see on the computer before anything was done, how much the Invisalign treatment could improve and straighten my teeth. I decided to go ahead.
The first few days of having the braces in, were slightly uncomfortable as my tongue had to readjust position. However after that, all the braces have been very comfortable. Of course when the changeover happens every two weeks, there is a certain amount of discomfort, but this goes within the first day, as your teeth become used to the constant changes.
My eating habits also changed in a good way, because needless snacking stopped. When a sweet or chocolate is offered to me, I think whether the one sweet is worth taking my braces out for!
Lama Brown and her team have been really helpful and accommodating throughout the process, and I would definitely recommend at the very least having a consultation there. All in all I have had a great experience with Invisalign and would recommend it to all who are thinking of having braces, mainly because they live up to their name, in that nobody notices you are wearing them!”