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What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial replacement for the root of a tooth. These are made from titanium, which has the unusual property of allowing bone to grow onto its surface. The strong attachment with the bone allows implants to support fixed or removable teeth.

What stages are involved in making a new tooth?

The dental implant is placed in the jaw bone through a small incision.

After a period of 2 to 3 months healing impressions and records are taken to fabricate the restoration to fit on top.

What components make up the implant restoration?

The implant is equivalent to the root of a tooth in the bone. The crown is the tooth part you see in the mouth. The abutment is the post, which connects the above.

What if I don’t have enough bone?

The gum and bone tend to shrink away once a tooth has been lost, however, new techniques and materials allow these tissues to be replaced.

What is the difference between mini implants and conventional implants?

Mini- implants are thinner and weaker than conventional implants and are particularly useful for stabilising loose dentures or making a temporary fixed restoration during more complex implant treatment.

Dental Implants FAQ

The treatment is highly reliable (96% success rate in a healthy person). With routine check-ups and the following of home care instructions, they should last a lifetime.

No, implant placement is a very gentle procedure, normally carried out under a local anaesthetic and in most cases a mild sedative.

The after effects of implant placement are usually very mild. There may be some slight bruising and swelling dependent on the number of implants placed; this can be relieved by painkillers. Antibiotics and mild steroids will be prescribed for your comfort. Most of our patients report little or no discomfort.

Three to nine months as a general guideline. After your initial consultation we will provide a full treatment plan with a tailored time scale.

You will need to see the hygienist at regular intervals following completion of your implant treatment. Like natural teeth and gums, implants need good oral hygiene and this is the key to the long term success of your dental implants. We will provide full written instructions on how to care for your implant.

Patient Testimonials

Bernadette Savage

Mrs B S 2 Web“I was referred to the Hampton Wick Dental Centre for periodontal gum disease which Lama Brown treated and saved my teeth. I needed an implant for a missing tooth. Lama explained everything clearly to me and made feel comfortable. The treatment that I have received at Lama Brown’s practice has been excellent. I cannot praise her enough.
I am an extremely nervous patient and now cannot believe how calm I am when visiting Hampton Wick Dental Practice.
Her approach is professional and caring and I would never consider leaving her surgery. I highly recommend Lama’s dentistry and look forward to many years of excellent care.
Thank you Lama you have saved my teeth and for that I am truly grateful.”

Bernadette Savage

Clive Richardson

“In January 2010, I sneezed and my bridge broke and fell out. It was fitted by a dentist two years ago and he has since retired.
I heard very good reports about Mrs Lama Brown and went to her for a consultation. She explained to me the two suitable options, denture or implants. I decided to go for the implants as I prefer a permanent fixture.
Lama explained all the procedures to me. The extractions and operations to install the implants went ahead very smoothly. I had great confidence in her friendly and professional approach and that of her team. I would fully recommend anyone to have implants at the Hampton Wick Dental Centre.”

Clive Richardson

Fred Schwab

“I have been a patient of the Hampton Wick Dental Centre for many years and appreciate the smooth transition from one trusted dentist, Hilton Traub, to another – Lama Brown. Since Lama took over the practice in 2008 I have needed significant dental work, all of which has been carried out to the highest standards.
Before commencing any of the work I had a clear understanding of the necessary treatments ahead, which included two root canals followed by crowns, an extraction, an implant and a bridge. The costs were also explained. The processes themselves and the follow-up care after appointments, including phone calls later in the day to check that everything was fine, were exemplary and I felt throughout that I was in extremely capable hands.
Nobody likes injections but my experience is that those given by Lama are about as painless as you could hope for – her steady hand inspires confidence. I feel fortunate to be served by such a good practice. The surgery is bright and welcoming and the expertise and care excellent.”

Fred Schwab

Sara Brennan

“Having spent a lifetime avoiding dental professionals through a general concern about painful procedures, lack of individual care and feeling frequently uninformed about procedures, costs and after care, I came to you with a mouth full of problems and very low expectations. I’m delighted to say my experience with yourself and your practice has been entirely different. It was necessary to repair many years of neglect and poor dentistry with procedures including replacement fillings, four root canal treatments, three implants, colour correction and periodontal gum treatments.
Throughout, you have explained in detail, the causes and treatments necessary, referred me to your delightful endodontist Apos within your practice, and have provided detailed cost breakdowns for me to consider prior to going ahead with treatment.
On a more personal note I have very much appreciated your very approachable manner, your unhurried explanations, and your considerable kindness. I could not recommend your services, the individual attention you provide, or the practice more highly.
Thank you for your exceptional care and professionalism.
Please also pass on to Ron, Apos and your nurses my thanks for their care and also most particularly Ron’s management of all things appointments, information, interest free finance, insurance claims etc. etc, all dealt with by him in his gracious style, and with a huge welcoming smile!”

Sara Brennan

Caroline Chen

“As a busy British expatriate living in Beijing, finding the absolute best medical & healthcare is imperative.Faced with the prospect of losing my upper front teeth after an accident and knowing that I already had serious periodontal gum treatment to do, I was delighted to be introduced in 2009, through another UK dentist, to Lama Brown.
I had already been searching for that special person who had not only great proven expertise but also the bedside manner which would make me comfortable and willing to fly half way round the world on numerous occasions.
To say that I have been delighted is putting it mildly. Lama and her team have felt “heaven sent” and I have been flying to London from Beijing and France just for these appointments throughout this time and will continue to do so.
Timetabling is key to my schedule and the whole practice team pull out the stops to do this. My sincerest thanks to them all. My daughter is moving to London soon and will be soon another of Lama’s patients.”

Caroline Chen