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    Periodontics in Kingston, Surrey

    Studies show that 10 to 15% of all patients are susceptible to gum disease or periodontitis. It is recommended that patients presenting with one or more of the following symptoms should have a full periodontal examination:

    • Red, swollen and or bleeding gums
    • Periodontal pockets over 4mm in depth
    • Smokers
    • Generalised recession
    • Bone loss observed on radiographs
    • Congenital or drug related gingival enlargement

    Kind words from our patients

    Christine Berry

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    Dr Brown gave me periodontal surgery to extend the life of a tooth which was close to dropping out. She answered all my questions beforehand and her team at the Hampton Wick Dental Centre took great care to make sure I was comfortable and pleasantly sedated for the work.

    Bernadette Savage

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    I was referred to the Hampton Wick Dental Centre for periodontal gum disease which Lama Brown treated and saved my teeth. I needed an implant for a missing tooth. Lama explained everything clearly to me and made feel comfortable. The treatment that I have received at Lama Brown’s practice has been excellent. I cannot praise her enough.

    Janice Parker

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    The Hampton Wick Dental Centre and Lama Brown are the greatest teeth savers. My long time dentist had retired and upon registering with a new practice I was informed that I had the worst gum disease (through lack of treatment by the previous practice) and he strongly advised me to visit Lama Brown.


    Root planing is an effective gum disease treatment. It involves ‘deep’ scaling, to clean parts of your teeth below the gum line, which cannot be reached with a toothbrush. Root planing cleans out the pockets, and removes plaque and tartar from the tooth roots. After a tooth has been root planed, the pocket should shrink, making the gum sit closer to the tooth. This will also help to stop further bone loss.

    Certain medical conditions are linked with gum disease including diabetes and heart disease, smoking exacerbates the problem.

    Modern periodontal treatment also includes ‘plastic gum surgery’ to correct the gum line and reverse recession defects, cover exposed root surfaces and thicken thin gums! All of this is offered at The Hampton Wick Dental Centre.